• Storybench ~ Digital storytelling & Data Journalism from the Northeastern University’s school of journalism
  • Towards Data Science ~ A platform to exchange ideas and to expand your understanding of Data Science
  • Business Science ~ Matt Dancho’s blog focused on all things Business Science
  • KDnuggets ~ The influential discussion and learning website for Business Analytics, Data Mining and Data Science



  • An Introduction to Statistical Learning ~ This books provides an introduction to statistical learning methods and contains a number of R labs with detailed explanations on how to implement the various methods in real life settings
  • Hands-On Time Series Analysis with R ~ Explore data, identify patterns, and build efficient forecasting models using traditional time series models and machine learning algorithms
  • Interpretable Machine Learning ~ This book discusses how to explain or present in understandable terms the output of Black Box Machin Learning models, tackling when interpretability is important and what different types of explanations there are
  • R for Data Science ~ A modern version of R for data science, from basic data management (loading, exploring and combining) to more advanced topics such as functional programming, nested tibbles and interactive reports
  • R for Marketing Research and Analytics ~ A complete introduction to R for marketing research, with emphasis on data visualization, model assessment, and development of statistical intuition


  • School of Data ~ A global network of data literacy practitioners (organisations and individuals alike) committed to advancing data literacy in civil society
  • SoGooD²ata ~ A friendly Spanish NGO which aims at solving social issues applying data science techniques