Diego Usai


A competent Analytics Professional, Consultant and Data Manager, with expertise in Project Management, Team Leadership and Stakeholder Management and an insatiable curiosity about how to use data to inform business decisions.

I have extensive experience of managing and delivering end-to-end Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics projects, from engaging with business stakeholders and scoping out requirements through to formulating recommendations and communicating insight in a commercial and compelling manner. I have also been responsible for building, leading and coaching an analytics team to deliver ad-hoc modelling as well as more holistic analytic projects.

I have been answering business-relevant questions for private companies across a number of industries ( insurance, e-commerce, transport and retail to name but a few), which has provided me with a sound working knowledge of various Statistical Learning and Machine Learning techniques, including amongst others:

o Supervised Learning - regression, classification, tree methods, etc.

o Unsupervised Learning - clustering, factor, principal components, etc.

o Time Series Analysis & Demand Forecasting

o Market Basket Analysis & Recommender Systems

o Social Sentiment Analysis with Structural Equation Modelling

o Customer Segmentation and Targeting

o Customer Acquisition and Retention

o Multitouch Attribution Modelling

o A/B Testing & Propensity modelling

o Marketing Response Modelling & Budget Optimisation

o Customer Lifetime Value Evaluation and Optimisation

o Data Visualisation and Dash-boarding with R Shiny

o Wrangling large structured and unstructured data with R and SQL

In my spare time I like to keep up to date with the many advances in the vast fields of Data Science and Machine Learning, and contribute technical articles to online blogs such as Towards Data Science, Business Science, The Startup and Analytics Vidhya

For more details about my career and experience, you can download my Full CV

Feel free to get in touch to ask questions or discuss job opportunities

E-Mail: diegousaiuk@gmail.com